Where to start?

That’s was my first thought as I was trying to organise all my photos from the past few years with nothing but my hazy memories to guide me. Where did I eat that? What was it? Was it nice? Would I go back?

I have been encouraged to start a blog for quite some time now. I eat out a lot more than the average person, food really excites me, all the photos on my phone are of food or people holding food, I’ll travel anywhere for food and I instinctively take photos of my food like how some people instinctively give thanks before eating.

Trouble is- I don’t usually take photos of my mains just the pretty pretty desserts (that will change!), I haven’t taken photos of all the places I have been (I don’t eat dessert everywhere I go), I have been using my iPhone to take a lot of the photos due to the ease and convenience (so not always the best quality photos) and I’m not the most organised person (some photos are on this and that sim card and some are on multiple phones/computers).

Now with at least starting the blog and a new camera specifically for taking photos of food in hand- I’m ready to roll! Bare with me as I have to back date a lot of my posts from my previous photos and because I don’t have photos from all my food experiences, it means I’ll have to re-visit a lot of restaurants (what a shame ;P) and give some of them a second chance.

Hopefully some of you will find this blog helpful for when you want to eat somewhere new*, just want to see what I have been eating, or you just want to go to a happy space where pictures of food will make you hungry/smile!

At least now I’ll have an answer to when people ask me what I do with all my foody photos!



*Just remember all people have different tastes- I’m a savoury kind of gal but with an eye for sweets, I like meaty things and I very much so enjoy my seafood! I know not everyone will enjoy the same things but I promise I’ll try variety of different foods and blog as much as possible!


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