Dumpling Inn


I don’t really consider myself as a regular anywhere but I guess if a restaurant knows you by name and can guess what you’re going to order, then I must go there quite frequently. You’ll probably see multiple posts about this restaurant but this one particular time I tried to order different from the norm (there was only two of us so I didn’t order as much as I’d like *sad face*).

Tasty chopped meats in sesame roll- The filling is nice (the same filling as they put in the sang choy bao) and the sesame rolls are nice and hot. I forgot that they come with some many pockets! Got full on these quickly as there was only two of us.

Four season beans with minced pork- very delicious and addictive!
This dish is always ordered no matter who I come with!

Eggplant with pork hot pot- Very gingery, nice but nothing special

Lunch during weekdays can be a tad slow due to minimal wait staff. Dinner every night of the week seems busy especially Friday nights so book a table when you can. Yum cha on the weekends seems very limited, oily and slow in comparison to other venues so it’s not one of my ‘go to places’ when I’m craving an egg tart.

They also don’t have the most organised staff so people do get annoyed with the waiting times etc. but because of the delicious food (if you know what to order) and easy parking, Dumpling Inn will always a good reliable favourite Chinese restaurant that my friends and I go to.

Next time I hope to show you my favourite dishes along with Chinese desserts you don’t usually get in other restaurants.

Venue:  Dumpling Inn Restaurant

Address: 1/1 Lawry Place, Macquarie ACT 2614

 Phone: (02) 6253 2268 

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