Bad start to the weekend

This morning looked so bright and peaceful yet I felt like there was a dark cloud following me. 

For people who know me, I’m not a morning person. So when I had to get up at 5:30am (ok I snoozed the alarm once) to go catch a flight that never took off as they found a leak in the hydraulics and we all had to disembark the plane, I wasn’t a happy chappy, I was however hungry for something savoury. After our flights were all changed and we were now departing 3hrs later than planned (luckily was able to change interconnecting flights also). We went to hunt for some food. Two choices- Hudsons coffee or an Asian place called ‘Tuk chop’. I wasn’t in the mood for over priced sausage rolls or sandwiches so I thought I’d be adventurous and choose the Asian option. It’s never too early to eat pho and dumplings if you’re an Asian right?

Bad mistake! Dumplings were ok, I chose pork and chives which were boiled but I much prefer my dumplings pan fried. Did I mention that they were served in a small plastic bag?

Next up my $13 pho was served to me in a small plastic take away bowl. The soup wasn’t really hot so the rather quite thickish meat wasn’t going to cook in it. The soup base didn’t have much of a taste and looked like I could have made it from an instant packet noodle soup. The noodles were okay, a bit undercooked but it at least had bean sprouts in it.

$18 later I was left disappointed, hungry and yet could not bring myself to finish off the noodles. My mood brightened a bit  as Virgin blue gave us a complimentary snack and drink as I read interesting food articles in their ‘Voyeur’ magazine (I will blog about them later).

Now I’m Sydney airport and being able to choose from 13 different kiosks (just in this section), I chose a good ol’ chicken kabab and finishing off on a kk donut to sweeten my mood. There is of course an original glaze in the bag also 

p.s. We also got a snack on the Qantas flight. There was also an apple pie in the container but we had already eaten it before I took a photo. MMMM I love me some cheese and crackers!


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