Applying for Polish citizenship!


I went to the White Eagle Club based on a recommendation from a friend after telling them about my love for dumplings! If you are going to come here you have try two things!

1). Honey vodka that clears your nose and throat even when you don’t think it needs to be cleared (and that’s just with only 4 drops in my mouth) which is then followed by a lovely after taste of leather wood honey

2). Their hash browns! They are sort of oily but it is so delicious with a dollop of sour cream. MMMMMMMMMM

Obviously the #1 thing I was there for was the dumplings! I didn’t know what else to order but when I peered over to the other table, a guy had just polished off the pork knuckle with no problems, so that was on my ‘to eat list’. I was trying to decide between pork schnitzel or roast pork (I’m guess the Polish like their pork), can’t go wrong with a roast pork I thought. My friend was going to order a side of chips but I quickly changed that to hash browns because you could get chips anywhere and I’m so glad that I did!

First the dumplings came out, as if they were delicious enough but they added some diced bacon on top! MMMM dumplings just got a whole lot better ! We ordered ‘combination dumplings’, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the cabbage and meat ones but definitely enjoyed the potato and cheese as well as the pork dumplings.

As I said before, if you going to come here, you need to try the hash browns! I don’t know what they put in them but they sure are tasty. I was pretty much full between the hash browns and dumplings but then our mains arrived…

When the pork knuckle came out, I felt like royalty! A beautiful silver platter was placed before me with a very big pork knuckle in the middle. Surrounding the very succulent tender meat was an assortment of sauces- mustard, something with horseradish (very strong!) and some beetroot-like thing, sliced cucumber and tomato. The grated carrots which seems like something so simple was divine as they had cooked it with cinnamon. Of course there was also mash potato and sauerkraut on the platter.

The roast pork was ok, nothing too special, next time I wouldn’t mind trying the pork snitzel. We got more carrots though! YUM!

You can’t doubt their authenticity when you can clearly see the older Polish couple cooking the food. I’d come back just for a hash brown and dumpling hit but I’d also love to explore more of the menu and maybe even squeeze in a dessert next time (waaaaaaaaaay too full this time!). The Polish club also hosts a mini market every second Saturday which I’ve been meaning to go to.

Venue: Kopernik traditional Polish restaurant @ the White Eagle Club

Address: 38 David Street, Turner, ACT 2612

Phone: (02) 6248 8563


Continental Food Saleevery second Saturday, 12:00 am – 3:00 pm (payday week)
“Try our wide range of hams, Polish-style smoked sausages flavoured with spices, veal frankfurters,liverwurst, brawn, black pudding, pate, smoked pork, ham deluxe and much more.
Chocolates, sweets, cakes, instant packet borscht soup and rye bread are also booming sellers.”

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