Cronulla @ brunch time!


Who better to show you around than a local? First stop obviously had to be coffee otherwise my friends would not function. Our ‘tour guide’ took us to a lovely little coffee shop called Grind where they mainly sell coffee (and a few cakes). They had a menu board the length of a cafe breakfast menu just for coffee!

Very cute inside- just a few couches and mis-matched tables and chairs, but most people stand outside waiting for their named to be called. They have take away orders down pat: a customised branded coffee cup and if you’re doing the coffee run they have a nice cardboard holder for up to 4 coffees. My friends say the coffee was great!

Then we were off to find somewhere to eat brunch! Nulla Nulla was still serving breakfast and looked busy (which is a good sign).

Pancakes served with strawberries, cream and maple syrup. The ice-cream was additional but highly recommended!

Did I mention that the pancakes were really thick and fluffy?!

I wanted something savoury- STAT! What could beat a delicious bacon and egg on an english muffin with hash browns on the side?

My vegan-friendly friend ordered Turkish bread (no butter) with hashbrowns and tomato.

A breakfast favourite- Eggs benedict!

Although they were busy the waitresses were still very attentive and friendly!

While my friends went for a “stroll” aka head back to Grind for a second coffee, I couldn’t help but stop at this place as their cake cabinet caught my eye.

I ended up buying the ‘pyramid cake’ which was supposed to be layers of sponge and rum mousse (even though I was very full from brunch). I didn’t eat it until we drove back to Canberra (which probably didn’t help) but by the time this cake was in my mouth it was very stale and the mousse was hard. That’s a shame, it looked pretty though.


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