National Multicultural Festival mania


The multicultural food festival is the highlight of the year for any foodie in the area. I spent 9 hours eating my way around the world and don’t have much to show for it. Sorry for the lack of photos, I’m surprised I took any really!

South African stand- next year I’ll try some of this very long sausage that I see every year.

Massive pretzel! Remember to share! Don’t fill up on bread.

Delicious sweets from the Italian desserts stand. One is filled with custard, the other ricotta. MMMMMMMMM, be quick, this stand sells out quick.

The highlight and one of the main reasons why I go to the festival every year. Russian dumplings served with soy sauce and sour cream. So delicious!

Can’t find the Russian stand? Look out for the big matryoshka doll!

I can’t remember which stand I got this from or exactly what it is but I remember it being very very tasty!

Definitely grab a sausage from the German stand, the line is ALWAYS long but worth the wait!

Other highlights that I didn’t get a photo for:

1). Poffertjes dutch pancakes. Though you would have to really want one to stay in line for so long.

2). MoMosHimalayan dumplings. So delicious, though there are two stalls and one is better than the other as it’s less ‘doughy’

3). Pad Thai- it was ok, there is much more exciting food to try though.

4). ChurrosSpanish doughnuts. By the time we got to the front of the line we found out that they ran out of chocolate sauce and only had icing sugar left. Still delicious, will just have to go earlier next year.

5). Gelato– Nice to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

6). Chinese pan fried pork dumplings– oh so delicious! YUM! Went back several times.

Obviously next year’s festival will be much better documented! I’m excited as they have already announced the dates:

10-12th February 2012!

Lots of fun for everyone- entertainment, dancing, art, demonstrations and you can drink you way around the world also! Some stalls sell beer that have been especially imported for the event.