Tea at T3


I had a surprisingly delicious dinner at Sydney domestic terminal 3 before my flight back to Canberra. With my last ordeal with eating at an airport, I didn’t have high hopes. I told my partner to come back with something that I can share with him while I waited at a table minding my 4 dozen Krispy Kremes.

Very nice fried rice and not stingy with the prawns either- hot from the wok and full of flavour.

Delicious won ton noodle soup. I’m not usually a fan of won tons, more of a gow gee kinda gal but this was very nice and it had very fresh greens.

I’ve never tried this drink before but it was very nice and refreshing and not too sweet.

It is located around the corner from the book shop and near Hungry Jacks and the chocolate shop (heading towards gate #17).

I’ll be flying from Sydney to Canberra again next week and I know what I’m going to ordering! 

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