The circus is in town! (well sort of)


I was lucky enough to win Cirque du Soleil- Saltimbanco tickets through an Optus promotion but because it’s not coming to Canberra, I’m going to the Wollongong show!

What it included: 2 x tickets to the Saltimbanco performance on 20th August, 2 x Tapis Rouge lounge passes, 2 x Behind the Scenes passes after the performance and Cirque du Soleil Merchandise pack to the value of $100!

What an awesome excuse to go through Bowral on the way there! I’ve been recommended to go here by several people, but it was such a great dining experience it get’s it’s own post.

Even after a 3 hour lunch we still managed to have room for a side of waffles before we went into Tapis Rouge. Sugar Cube- exactly what the name says! A cute small cube-like shop front which smells as sweet as it tastes. Boasting fresh waffles accompanied by Connoisseur ice-cream, the smell was too inviting to pass up!

How cute! Wafflepops!

MMMM Connoisseur ice-cream!

He wanted vanilla ice-cream and I wanted waffles with cinnamon sugar. This was the compromise!

After we had wiped our mouths of waffle crumbs it was time to go into the Tapis Rouge. The decor was fun, colourful and quirky which I guess is the theme of the ‘Saltimbanco’ show.

They were offering free beer, wine and juice as well as an assortment of food:

*Veal skewers                                      *Asparagus and smoked salmon

*Oyster in a chilli sauce with a parmesan crisp

*Mushroom tart                                   *Smoked trout omlette

*Roast beef with horseradish sauce

*Grilled halumi with pancetta and cranberry sauce

*Cream eclair                                       *Custard profiterole

*Strawberry mousse with sponge base

The food was ok, nothing to rave about, the highlight for me was definitely the show and the back stage tour. These athletes turned artists are nothing short of amazing! ‘Saltimbanco’ is Cirque du Soleil’s longest running show.

***Stay turned for my post about ‘Biota’ coming up soon!***


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