I have gone crackers for cheese platters

So this is my fourth cheese platter in a week. I must be loving my cheese or overly social- maybe both! Yum! Today’s cheese platter occasion is for the ‘Big Cake Bake’ in support of the Australian Red Cross (I made Portugese tarts« will post about later, the cheese is for my savoury side).

What’s on the board: strawberries, crackers, cabanossi, olives, South cape fruit and almond cheese, Jindi triple cream Brie, Mersey valley club vintage cheddar and Maggie Beer’s quince paste.

Great to see an Australian triple cream brie as I’ve been eating lots of French ones. This big 500g baby was only $12.99 @ Costco!

Other things to try:

Maggie Beer Spiced Pear paste + Mersey Valley vintage cheddar– my friend got me hooked onto this combo! So evil but so good!

Red seedless grapes– currently imported from the US but they are oh so sweet

French Triple cream brie– available @ the Fyshwick delicatessens, a bit more expensive but very good

A good dessert wine– loving the Brown Brother’s whole wine collection!


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