Sydney Series- Cafe Creasion: a macaron indulgence

Saturday morning

This wasn’t part of my original itinerary but a wonderful friend told me about this new upcoming cafe where reviews claimed it to be the ‘new Adriano Zumbo’, how could I miss a chance on trying it out? Plus I thought the name was super cute.

It was just a walk away from our hotel in the CBD- we walked across a few main roads … and then we had to go down a lane way in between two buidlings (what the?). Although I was going down the right path according to my google maps, I found myself walking down this alley way behind all of these buildings and surrounded by roller shutter doors. ‘Where is this place?’ I thought. When I finally found number ‘21’, I saw this very cute (and very small) cafe with a bright dazzling display cabinet filled with gorgeous French sweets!

I macarons!

So many flavours, which ones to choose?

They had 16 flavours (that day) and I figured the other macaron flavours would be sad if you didn’t pick them too so of course we got one of each! I think it was $42 for 16 and I bought a few more for my friend, so that morning we had spent over $50 on macarons! ‘I hope they are worth it’ I thought to myself.


                    * strawberry milk * green tea * kinako * jasmin * cassis * Dear Chris                           * caramel * rum and raisin * dark chocolate * hoji tea * passionfruit * milk chocolate *                                                       *lychee and mandarin * lime * vanilla * pistachio*

They also had signs for (but not available)- early grey & kalamansi which would have been fun to try.

All packed in a box and we were ready to go back to the hotel before brunch, but while the box was open for the photo, we may as well try some flavours?

Me munching on strawberry milk, rum and raisin, dark chocolate and caramel. Om nom noms!

Although everything was delicious and amazing, I have to give a special mention to:

* strawberry milk * green tea (great for those who love azn flavours) * cassis * Dear Chris (hazelnutty?) * caramel (tasted almost like butterscotch) * dark chocolate (we ate it just above room temperature and it tasted like warm chocolate cake batter) * hoji tea (great for those who love azn flavours) * passionfruit (the fruit flavours were particularly delicious!)* lychee and mandarin (and it was so pretty with the flecks of gold) * lime (was so yummy with a very precise lime flavour)* vanilla (filled with vanilla beans speckles. Yum!)

Venue: Cafe CreAsion

Address: 21 Alberta St, Sydney (best to follow a map on your smart phone!) 

Website (has been underconstruction for a while)-

Not opened on Sundays! Just keep that in mind so you’re not disappointed.

Cafe Cre Asion on Urbanspoon