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I’ll travel anywhere for food, so when my friend asked where we were going for dinner, I suggested Siren, the new hot spot out in Gungahlin. The only booking I could get for a Friday night for four people was at 8:30pm (admittedly I didn’t ring until Friday afternoon).

With the tiled floor and all the hustle and bustle it was very noisy.

Love the wine glasses.

The tapas were easy to choose, the only hard part was to cull the list down to three choices, but looking over the mains I was torn between the prawn linguine or field mushrooms. The next table over just happened to be getting their meals where both of my choices were being served. I leaned over- “sorry I never do this, but how is your pasta?”, she replied that it was nice but not many prawns though, maybe only around 4. I looked over to her friend’s dish, ‘I’m not going to get full off that’ I thought while staring at two mushrooms piled on top of each other with a bit of feta sitting in the middle of a huge plate. Linguine it is then!


Braised Pork Belly with Pear puree ($14.00) Delicious and crispy, the pork was complimented very well by the pear puree- yum!

Grilled haloumi cheese with tomato salsa ($10.50) Nothing too special about this dish but the haloumi wasn’t too salty.

Chefs selection of dips with crusty bread ($10.00) I know this is just bread and dips but it was so good! The bread was crispy and soft at the same time and the dips were very tasty!


PizzaOur pizzas are prepared with homemade pizza bases and fresh  ingredients. We also offer a gluten free base option”

Fungi pizza ($19.00) I thought it was odd that they cut pizza this way.It was disappointing as there was more avocado on the pizza than mushrooms.

Garlic chili prawn linguine ($21.90)- I had a lot more prawns (10) than the other girl which is good because the linguine was so hot I could only eat two mouthfuls of pasta.

Penne with chorizo ($17.90) How odd to have linguine mixed through the penne? This pasta wasn’t particularly good especially after just having such exquisite tapas.

While waiting for our mains, my friends and I spotted a girl get what appeared to be a ‘hot chocolate’ where it was served on a long chocolate decorated plate with a glass of hot milk on one side and a paddle pop stick inserted into a chocolate chunk on the other. How cute!

At 10:20pm while our plates were being collected, we asked to see the dessert menu, the waitress said she’ll see if the kitchen was still open but when she came back she informed us “sorry the kitchen is now closed, but they only had one dessert left anyway”. I was shocked! After seeing all the gorgeous little toffee hats on every one’s dessert on the surrounding tables, I promised my stomach that I’d get something sweet to end on. That’s fine I thought, we’ll get those cute hot chocolates I saw on the adjacent table. What came though were just ordinary hot chocolates in a glass ($3.00).

But I’m guessing what everyone else got was:

Siren hot chocolateDark, milk and white spoons –Hot steamed milk served with our playful chocolate spoon – this is not a drink it is an EVENT ($6.50)

After such a wonderful start with delicious tapas, the mains by comparison were very disappointing. I would come again just for the tapas and maybe also be lucky enough to get a dessert next time?

     Tapas I’d like to try next time: Spicy chicken wings served with vodka lime sauce, BBQ pork ribs served with Sirens BBQ sauce & potato fondant or salt and lemon pepper calamari served with roma tomato salsa.

Venue: Siren bar and restaurant

Address: Corner of Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Gozzard Street, Gungahlin, ACT 2912

Phone: (02) 6162 0377

Entertainment book: Yes it has recently been added on the gold card!


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