Best of both worlds


It was doctor’s orders (Dr. Thornhill to be exact) to go to Digress restaurant and lounge, with a promise of a newly opened restaurant with good food and a unique fusion of Indian and Italian cuisine. ‘A very interesting combination’ I thought, I’ll just have to try it!

From their website:

Our premise offers a unique, stylish and exotic ambiance. With a menu consisting of a carefully designed fusion cuisine of Indian & Italian food, we use only the freshest of local ingredients to create a never seen before fusion in Canberra.”

Mix platter for 2 or moreA mixture and fine selection of: Mozzarella & Paneer Fritters, tomato and goat cheese strata, kebab with red wine and Hariyali chicken ($26.90) This platter was so delicious, expensive but you’re not thinking about the price as you’re enjoying all the flavours on the plate. Even something that seemed so simple like ‘tomato and goat cheese strata’ was so yummy.

Cheese and oregano naannaan stuffed with cheese then garnished with fresh oregano ($5.50) I don’t understand why all Indian restaurants don’t have this combination, it goes so well together. Amazing!

Mango Murg Linguine- A mild creamy chicken linguine with fennel and a zesty mango finish ($23.50) This dish didn’t seem to fall into an Indian or Italian category but a unique dish which was delicious on it’s own.

Tandoori chicken penneCharcoaled Tandoori chicken cooked with red capsicum, shallots and coriander finished in a nicely balanced creamy and spicy sauce- a house specialty! ($23.90) This was a really rich dish but is a nice example of the Indian/Italian fusion that is available.

Mango lassi- this was not very thick and didn’t particularly taste very strong in mango flavour.

My friend said that she enjoyed the coffee though.

Traditional Kulfi ice cream- this was delightful, traditional spices blended into a creamy smooth ice-cream to make a refreshing dessert. 

We always seem to be the last people left in the restaurant, it might have something to do with the pace that I eat my food at?

The night we went just happened to be ‘swing dancing night’ in the lounge. We didn’t mind the music, we even stuck out head in to check out the awesome dancing, it was like dinner and a show! I found the staff particularly friendly and helpful, something which I notice just as much as receiving bad service.

Although the food was nice, I did find the menu a bit pricey (even for Indian food), there was a ‘Linguine Marinara’ option for $34.50! The total wasn’t too bad for us though because we were lucky enough to have the Entertainment book card.

Venue: Digress Restaurant & Lounge

Address: 11 Akuna Street, Canberra City 2601

Phone: (02) 6248 6183

Entertainment card: Recently added to the entertainment card!


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Like one cake wasn’t enough, Joe and Anita were lucky enough to have two! One of their friends kindly bought them an ice-cream cake, I thought it was oh so cute! With various flavours such as strawberry, taro, blood orange and passionfruit. If you weren’t lucky enough to get an ice-cream cone you got another two flavours of ice-cream underneath- hazelnut and chocolate, everyone wins!