Thanksgiving special

Thanksgiving didn’t really mean anything to me except that my favourite American shows were on hiatus for a week and there were black Friday and cyber Monday sales that followed, so this year my boss invited me over for a ‘real American thanksgiving’.

The table is is set, decorated nicely and ready to go!

What’s an American dinner without some corn syrup.

I have a thing for gorgeous cutlery and matching crockery *excited squeal* 

I was talking to the Americans about some Thanksgiving meals, it’s apparently not unheard of to have a ‘snickers salad’ or marshmallow fluff on top of yams or marshmallow fluff on top of anything really! How bizarre!

The turkey– so I’ve never bought or cooked a turkey before. This baby was an unfrozen bird which was left cooking for 3hrs on the BBQ and would set you back $120. The meat was very moist and juicy.

With all the trimmings

Unstuffed stuffing- mmmm this was really nice

And more importantly- the gravy!

Thanksgiving dinner is served! Assorted dinner rolls, turkey, gravy, stuffing, fluffy mashed potato, cranberry sauce, yams with pecans and asparagus.

Like the main (and the cutlery) wasn’t fabulous enough. They also had time to make 3 separate desserts- pumpkin pie (cold), pecan pie (warm) and cherry and apricot crumble (warm). Mmmm I’ve discovered I love me some pumpkin pie! YUM!  

Thanksgiving is a time to remember what we have and what we are grateful for which I think we should do more often. Now I’ll also remember it as a time that we should have a big joyous delicious dinner with friends and loved ones and I think we should do that more often too