Melbourne Series – macarons at Ala folie


While we were waiting at the airport, Timmy asks me if I had planned out all the meals for the weekend. Quite the opposite in fact! I had planned nothing, no ‘out of the way’ bakeries (which I did in Sydney) or go searching for tucked away ramen places (which I have done previously in Melbourne), this time I was just going with the flow. But as it turns out, you can’t turn a corner without finding somewhere with macarons in Melbourne CBD. Just like fashion trends, food also has an ‘in’ thing, a few years ago it was cupcakes (which I gladly followed and made hundreds of) and now it’s macarons (which I have gladly followed and eaten hundreds of).

After checking into the hotel, we go for a little stroll and we loose ourselves amongst the cute lane ways and arcades filled with cafes and boutique stores. We walk past Ganache chocolate, the Lindt cafe and Haighs all within a few metres of each other, then we finally find ourselves in the Royal arcade with our noses pressed up against the glass of a cute stand alone stall of Ala folie.

Flavours we chose (@ $3.00 a pop)

Jasmin and white chocolate- tasted like a delicious jasmin tea infused filling

Dulce de leche- tasted like a wafer biscuit, a bit dry

Vanilla- you could see all the vanilla bean speckles- YUM!

Caramel- it was nice, but not the nicest I’ve had

Raspberry- not very memorable

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