Melbourne Series – Lux bite


… So less than 20 minute after leaving the Dainty Sichuan restaurant (being very full mind you), I couldn’t resist going into this gorgeous little sweets store after spotting it across the road. I convinced Timmy that we were only ‘browsing’.  

Walking in I see everyone eating these gorgeous little cakes, but my head turns to the macaron counter where I see ‘ribeana’ as a flavour which made me squeal! Pandan, PB&J, mandarin and saffron, it’s not every day that you see these flavours. 

If I hadn’t JUST finished eating lunch I would have ordered at least two cakes from the cabinet. They all looked so beautiful and had interesting flavours.

Love the Halloween themed cakes! Such unique flavours.

As we narrowed our choices down to 5 (yes I just had to try some), they packed our selection away in a cute box topped with a paper ribbon. 

To my surprise Timmy opens the box and starts munching away.  I thought he was full?

$11.00 for 4 macarons (from top to bottom)

Rose and lychee– a delicious fusion of floral and fruit. I was only allowed one nibble as this was Timmy’s favourite.

Salted caramel – very delicious though very buttery at the same time.

Creme brulee– flecked with vanilla bean speckles, this did taste like a delicious baked custard (but my favourite part of a brulee is the sugar toffee layer).

PB&J– a smooth peanut butter filling, not much in the way of jelly though but I really liked it (because I  PB).

not pictured sorry~ Ribeana ($2.00 special)– slightly disappointing as it could have passed for a blueberry cheesecake flavour.

Their macarons haven’t gone unnoticed.

I will be back to try some cake and grab a few more macarons flavours while I’m there! 

Venue: Lux bite

Address: 38 Toorak Road, South Yarra, VIC, 3141 Australia

Phone:  0398 675 888

Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (closed Tuesday)


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