~Extended Festivus!~

I’ve just recently came back to Canberra and had all these presents waiting for me, yay for extended Festivus! I’ve been spoilt this year with lots of food related gifts.

25 delicious chocolates which include my favourite #44, java and caramel mousse. KoKo black now have really cute packaging too!


Mmmmm my favourite- stroopwafels! I  the cookie tins and delicious ginger biscuits.

Hampers seem to be all the rage this year. I’m glad that we got two nougat puddings because I placed dibs on the first one! I’ve always wanted to eat at The Victoria Room and the pretty pretty pictures make me want to go even more.


A handy cheese platter with all the useful tools underneath!

Thanks everyone! 


Melbourne Series- e.c.pot cafe bar


While meeting up with friends, we came across the same conundrum- what to eat in a city filled with restaurants? We narrowed it down to two choices- noodles or rice in clay pot- “RICE IN CLAY POT!” I yelled, e.c. pot cafe bar it is then!

From the website:

“Clay pot cooking is a centuries-old tradition in Chinese cooking. The process begins by lining the clay pot with raw rice, over which fresh ingredients are then placed, the clay pot will then be cooked over low heat. The complete cooking process requires a minimum of 15 minutes, from the time of placing the order. Please enquire with our staff for waiting time. Thank you for your understanding.”


Short soup not too salty and the won tons had a nice filling

Deep fried calamari in spicy salt (6pcs) crispy, salty and slightly spicy- the perfect combo!

Mains: Clay pot rice/dish– our dishes took about 20 minutes to come out after ordering which isn’t bad considering they make the clay pots to order with raw ingredients.

Beef in black pepper sauce on rice- tender beef and the sauce goes really well with rice.

Chicken in Portuguese style sauce- tasted like a creamy cheese sauce, very rich and filling.

Chicken, spare ribs, Chinese sausage on rice- a more traditional clay pot and very delicious. All the cooked oils and sauce drip into the rice while cooking.

Boneless Hainanese chicken on rice– this didn’t look too special to me because the topping was served on the side but my friend seemed to enjoy it.

Although Melbourne has an endless list of where to eat, I’d come back here to eat the chicken, spare ribs, Chinese sausage on rice again, some times you just get a craving for it or maybe I should learn to make it at home?    
Venue: E.C. Pot Cafe bar
Phone: 0396 638 319
Address: CBD, 200 Lonsdale St, MelbourneVIC 3000

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