Melbourne Series – Monga Sweet Cafe


You might think we ate out a lot on the 29th, well we did but you can’t come to Melbourne and skip out on dessert! Our friends took us to a cute dessert place where they have Chinese desserts and its decor gives the feel of Hong Kong in the 70s.

Monga Sweet Cafe has fast become a popular hang out spot for all the Asians wanting to indulge in a bowl of sweet soup after a meal and with its very convenient opening hours of 11:30am to 3am in the morning, it doesn’t matter what time you finish your meal.

Sago with Coconut Milk– cold and refreshing, just the way I like it.

Black Sesame Sweet Soup- thick and hot, my Mum would have loved this!

Papaya Poached in Almond Sweet Soup

Banana fritters with ice cream– for all those who don’t like the more traditional Chinese desserts and sweet soups. 

We didn’t have any trouble with service and the food came relatively quick. Although the prices seem reasonable, it’s still probably cheaper to make it yourself. They also have a variety of snacks available including Swiss chicken wings instant noodle, crunchy bun with condensed milk and tomato soup with sausage & egg macaroni.

With the new Chinese generation being more into technology and less likely to make these traditional Chinese desserts themselves, it’s great that we can sit at our      iPhones/   laptops/Nintendo DS and eat our desserts too.  

Venue: Monga Sweet Cafe

Address: CBD, Level 1, 217 Russell St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone: 039654 4885

Opening hours: 11:30am – 3:00 am, 7 days


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