Easy Peasy Summer Series- Cobb loaf

I know it has been several months and I haven’t posted many recipes, but I guarantee you that I have been cooking (and will post more I promise)! With the hotter months here (well it’s supposed to be) and everyone still in holiday mode, I thought I’d share some of my favourite simple ‘easy peasy’ (note: there are no peas in the recipe) recipes with you.

Cobb loaf with French Onion dip (thanks Lissy!)


* 1 packet of French onion soup mix

* 1 large tub of sour cream

* 1 cobb loaf or similar bread


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C
  2. Take the loaf and cut off a little ‘hat’ and pull out chunks of bread from the inside and place it on an aluminium foil covered baking tray (see 2nd picture)
  3. Mix the french onion soup and sour cream together and pour into the bread cavity
  4. Bake til the bread is golden brown
  5. Enjoy!

I usually put it on the table as is and people just help themselves, I also put a bread knife next to it so once the bread pieces have been eaten you can cut the bread ‘bowl’ into sections and eat the whole thing!