move the steak aside for the sides at Locanda


Someone mentioned steak house to me and all I heard afterwards was ‘blah blah blah’. The people that know me, know I have a soft spot for steak, which might account for all my soft spots 

I’ve wanted to go to Locanda since it opened but I never got around to it until now. I was staring at the menu for quite some time, I just could not figure out which steak I wanted, they all sounded so good.

Although the starters and pasta sounded nice, we were here for one thing- STEAK!

Mains~ All main dishes include one side & one sauce of your choice

Wagyu strip loin (300g) Riverine, NSW, marble score 6 ($55.00) with garlic aoli sauce

Black Angus eye fillet (200g) King Island, Tas, grain fed ($38.00) with truffle reduction (*additional $4 charge)

Wagyu strip loin (300g) Riverine, NSW, marble score 6 ($55.00) with peppercorn sauce. The peppercorn sauce was very runny and there was nothing special about the steak, I wouldn’t even know it was a wagyu steak.

Rib eye on the bone (400g) Murray valley, NSW, 35 days dry aged, grain fed ($45.00) with porcini bearnaise. I ordered my steak medium-rare but the closer I ate towards the bone it became more ‘blue’. I alerted the waitress and there was nothing that they could offer me but to cook my steak for longer. It was just an average steak and they could not compare to the scrumptious ones I buy at the markets.


Mmmmm roasted garlic


(starting from the top left corner, clockwise) creamy potato puree, sweet potato gratin, lobster mash (an additional $4 charge) and wild grilled mushrooms. These were truly amazing, I could have ordered whole bunch of these and skipped out on a steak! The lobster mash made me do my “happy clap”.

Dessert time~


Peach & mixed berry tart hazelnut crust, red wine cooked peach, mixed berries with raspberry gelato ($15.00). The tart itself was average, the crust to filling ratio was a bit off but thank goodness for the raspberry gelato, it was delicious!


Burnt Sabayon Caramelized sabayon custard with pear chips ($14.00) This was absolutely delicious and creamy! The only down side was the small size.


Tiramisu Mascarpone and egg cream with Italian coffee savoiardi biscuits ($15.00) I’m going to put it out there, this was THE most delicious tiramisu I’ve ever had. I was very sad that this wasn’t my dessert 


Will I come back? Of course I will, maybe not for the steak but this looks pretty good:

Venue: Locanda Italian Steakhouse

Phone: (02) 6247 1488

Address: 1 London circuit, Canberra, ACT 2601

Entertainment book: Yes! It’s on the gold card and makes a BIG difference.

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