The burgers are better at Brodburger

——- One Wednesday late last year——-

I thought I would have eaten here again by now, but with the wait of the relocation of the famous red caravan a few hundred metres down the Kingston foreshore to the cafe at Canberra Glassworks, my tummy is still craving seconds and all I have for now are just memories…

The plan was set- meet at the red caravan and eat delicious burgers but I some how got caught up in some shopping and was running late. “Order for me” I pleaded and even though I was 30 minutes late I still beat the burgers. Thanks for ordering for me guys! 

The lines are long, bring a chair/picnic blankets and stay awhile.

To pass away the time, my friends were drinking a funny named beers.

Yes it was getting pretty dark outside by the time we got our burgers.

Brodchicken marinated chicken breast, bacon, avocado, chilli aioli with brie ($9.00) 

Brodburger- Flame grilled A grade gourmet beef patty„ fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and Spanish onions, homemade aioli and tomato relish and swiss cheese ($9.00)

Despite being a Wednesday, it still took little over an hour from order to receiving out highly anticipated burgers but while we were all happily scoffing our burgers, I realised it was all worth the wait, just bring some cool friends to wait with.

I cannot wait for the re-launch of Brodburger @ the Glassworks cafe hopefully by mid March.

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