Hunter Valley Series- Chocolate bar

——- later that night ——-

Well we weren’t going to stay around and have dessert at Brasserie88 especially while knowing that Chocolate bar was just around the corner. With quiet seating away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the club, Chocolate bar has chocolate themed decor and lounges to match the huge chocolate fountain at the front of the counter.

Cookies and cream ice-cream cheesecake with melted chocolate drizzled on top (because it really needed it   ).

Iced chocolate with whipped cream ($4.00) 

Belgian waffles

The waffles were nice and not overly sweet themselves. I wouldn’t recommend a drink AND a dessert unless you have a very big sweet tooth.

The ultimate chocolate Belgian waffletoasted Belgian waffle topped with sliced banana, marshmallows, strawberries, crushed nuts, whipped cream and chocolate fountain sauce ($12.50)

Strawberry and chocolate Belgian waffle– toasted Belgian waffle topped with cream, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate fountain sauce ($8.50)


Venue: Chocolate bar

Address: also inside the Wests club in New Lambton, 88 Hobart Road, NSW 2305

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