food porn VIII

So you might have noticed, I do enjoy a spot of yum cha. Here’s a glimpse of a yum cha adventure @ Jin Yan in Castle Hill~

Rice rolls– delicious fillings and not stingy with the soy sauce, just the way I like it

Sticky rice with chicken- a MUST when I eat yum cha

Congee- pork and century egg: the only flavour to get in my opinion, although I never eat the egg if I can help it

White bait– this plate was finished quickly even though I’m not a fan

Rice rolls with a yau ja gwaimade to order, and yes Dan you would love this

Xiao-long bao– retained it’s ‘soup’ and was freshly steamed

Time for sweets!

Runny egg custard buns– I don’t usually see these and if you enjoy them they make them really well.

Mango pancakes– mango, cream wrapped in a pancake, enough said!

Warm egg tarts– oh so much better when it’s warm!

Warm custard buns– burns your fingers a little as you’re trying to take off the paper but so worth it!

If you can’t find the things you want, just order it through a waiter and that way it’ll be especially made and come hot and fresh.  Worth going to if you’re in the area!

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