A pinch and a munch for the first cake of the month!

Well technically not a cake, instead a trifle made by a true Englishman. I had arranged for the kind people of Frugii to make a sweet for a birthday I was attending. As pretty and ‘light’ looking as it was, it was heavy to carry. This was enough to feed 15 happy people.

What’s in it?

Jam rolls soaked in a good quality sherry (really strong flavour, might have been soaked overnight?), mandarin segmentsa delicious thick layer of crème pâtissière (oh so good, he is going to put this in a vanilla slice!), then a not too sweet whipped cream layer topped with sprinkles and chocolate balls with a crispy centre.

For those who didn’t enjoy sherry stuck to the upper layers and loved it and the people who ate it properly with all the layers loved it even more.

Hmmm what occasion to make an excuse for another cake next… 

Thanks Mr. Frugii!