Roll me out like a sushi roll after a dinner at Kagawa


Apparently Sunday is a day of rest for most Japanese restaurants but not Kagawa Japanese Cuisine. An interstate friend had a craving for Japanese food but since my first two options weren’t opened, I remember I have had enjoyable meals before at Kagawa out in Dickson, so off we went!

I thought we’d start off with some nibbles for the table because I was contemplating a long wait for my sushi.

Green soybeans fresh green soya beans ($4.00) salty and addictive, pop the beans in your mouth and toss the outer casing away, potato moti potato and cheese patty (5.90) potato and cheese- it sounded like a winning combination but I didn’t find it salty enough and a bit lacking of taste, pork gyoza Japanese pan-fried dumplings 5pcs ($5.90) delicious and hot.

Sushi Nigiri (each) yellowtail ($2.00), salmon ($2.00), tuna ($2.50), eel ($2.00), Avocado roll (med- $7.00)-Delicious sushi but my favourite one would have to be the eel, you have to try it! I’ve been here several times and every time (both lunch and dinner) the sushi comes so late you wonder if they have forgotten it but tonight the sushi came promptly and it caught me by surprise. Our table filled up quickly and there wasn’t enough space without doing a bit of tetris work. 

Steak teppanyaki sizzling steak with vegetables and rice ($22.00)- Very hot and filling, nothing scream ‘Japanese’ about it though.

Kagawa ramen pork, fish cake, egg and vegetables ($8.50)- this doesn’t do the  name ‘ramen’ any justice. The pork was not the traditional roast pork and was cut too thick, the broth wasn’t anything special and the bamboo and vegetables were a bit chewy. All in all, not worth getting, just buy a plane ticket to Japan and get the real thing.

I do like their lunch ‘sets’ and I think they are good value. If it’s not enough you could get a few extra sushi rolls (and pray it doesn’t take long to come).

Venue: Kagawa Japanese Cuisine

Address: 55 Woolley St, Dickson, ACT, 2602

Phone: (02) 62572225

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La cantina re-run


Early January seems to be a time when most bakeries and restaurants haven’t come back from their Summer break, but there is always somewhere to eat in Canberra. So when I foolishly went to The Artisan without checking if it was opened, I wasn’t that disappointed as I started to make my way to La Cantina instead, like it was always part of my plan to begin with. 

I had such an amazing meal before, I was hoping that it wasn’t just a fluke!


Since we had tried their impeccable pasta before we thought we would give their  ’Carne main course’ a go but we couldn’t come here and not order the duck ravioli!

Ravioli di Anatra e Funghi Duck and mushroom ravioli with confit organic garlic, burnt sage butter and pecorino cheese (entree size $20.80) Awesome, better than before if that’s possible.

Polpette– house made meatball family recipe in a chilli, tomato basil sauce topped with parmesan cheese ($19.00) This was recommended by a friend who doesn’t really eat that much meat so I was surprised that she ordered this. This was tasty and surprisingly did not have an overly ‘meaty taste’.

Complimentary palate cleanser~

Raspberry sorbet I was surprised that they had palate cleansers as they did not have them during our previous dining experience. This was absolutely fabulous! 


Duo di Anatra- Roasted Muscovy duck breast and confit leg cannoli and sage pan jus ($35.80) I’m going to put it out there and say it’s the nicest duck I’ve ever eaten in a non-Asian restaurant and I’ve eaten a lot of duck! I know it is a big call but the cannoli confit duck leg was absolutely incredible and this wasn’t even my meal! The breast was slightly pink but cooked well with a crispy flavoursome skin.

Pancia di Maiale– slow roasted berkshire pork belly with baby potatoes, green beans and mustard fruit compote ($34.00) I was warned that this would be a small serving but I was surprised to find that I got two rather big portions of pork where the skin wasn’t just crispy, it had been cooked to perfection and turned into actual crackling. The citrus marmalade had a kick to it which I enjoyed but it’s not for everyone.

Dessert~ ($14.80)

Tiramisu made with house roasted Celestino coffee and Marsala- I have a soft spot for tiramisu (which might account for all my soft spots ) and this one did not disappoint, it had a really strong alcohol taste to it. My friend and I weren’t too sure what was in the shot or how to have it with our dessert but it was really strong so we just moved it a side.

Panna cotta vanilla and honey panna cotta with warm rhubarb and berry crumble I really enjoyed this panna cotta as you could taste the sweetness of the honey which was balanced by the tartness of the rhubarb crumble.

The service was once again attentive and friendly, I love the ambiance of this restaurant and the continually fabulous food they serve. This is truly one of my favourite Canberra restaurants.

Venue: La Cantina

Address: 4 Iluka St, Narrabundah 2604

Phone: (02) 6239 5556

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