It’s finally here! Brodburger- opening night


It has been a long wait since my last (first and only) delicious burger at the Brodburger caravan as it has been closed since last December. The iconic red caravan now sits at the front by road which serves as a reminder of the humble beginnings of the cafe and will be there while the cafe is being established.

Arriving at 6:30pm, I wasn’t shocked that the line was out the door and then some, but it meant that I had to wait that extra bit longer before my craving was satisfied. One of the owners, Ms Bou-Jaoude, was very grateful for the loyal support and extended her thanks down the line up which I thought was very sweet.

The line is deceiving, you don’t think there are that many people in front of you until you find that people are forever spotting ‘friends’ and jumping the queue. If you’re clever and there is a lot of you, it is best that someone gets there super early. Or in my case, find a friend who lives close by (preferably within the 2km range that the new buzzers have) and hang out at their place while waiting or even get them to order for you- yeah Tomo? 

I saw happy customers leaving, I couldn’t tell if it was a ‘ha! I’ve eaten and you’re still waiting’ look or a genuinely happy customer as they did look like they had a smirk, or was this just hungry paranoia setting in? 

We get passed a menu and my eyes dart everywhere, I’ve waited this long, now what to get? 

40 minutes later: finally through the door! A whole lot less windy and looking behind me, I was definitely in the ‘front half of the line. We amuse ourselves by staring in the entrance way wallpapered in articles, reviews and the signed petition by loyal customers. We’re close now, I could smell it, the downside being inside the actual restaurant meant seeing all the food go past with the smell wafting behind.

Their tip jar was very cute! Embracing their new location, this glass hamburger tip jar was made by Annette Blair and Mel George.

Finally! After an hour of waiting in the queue, we order our food (@7:30pm all the vegie burgers were sold out):

1). Brodchicken with briesucculent butterflied chicken breast, flame grilled. Topped with bacon, avocado, fresh lettuce tomatoes & Spanish onions. Includes homelade chili aoili & tomato relish ($13.50)

2). Brodsteak medium rare – 250g rib eye off the bone, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, Spanish onions, smokey bbq aioli and relish ($15.00)

3). A serve of chips ($4.00)

4). Baby brodburger with cheddar1/2 pound beef patty, flamed grilled. Fresh lettuce, tomatoes & Spanish onions. Includes homemade aioli and tomato relish ($8.00) 

As I reach in my bag to pay, I realise my wallet was not in there (it fell out in my car which was currently at home), luckily Tim was there otherwise I’d be so angry I waited in line for an hour for nothing! They tear me a receipt number ‘69’ which made me giggle like a school girl and I head to find a space for two in the urban jungle that was the inside seating while Tim ventured home to get my wallet for the movies.

It’s a ‘sit down where you can’ situation if there is less than four of you and it can get really noisy in there (almost worth just getting take away to avoid the chatter). I don’t mind sitting with randoms but it does have it’s downside- they receive their orders first and I tried not to awkwardly stare and drool.

40 minutes after ordering- the food arrives. Tim isn’t back yet so I sit there alone with two and a half burgers and an order of fries looking like a pig but I didn’t care. He did say start without him! 

I started with a bite from my baby brodburger. OMG, it was soo good! Maybe even better (or maybe I was hungrier?)

In between my happy clap and wiping my fingers, I proceed to take a bit from my brodsteak– it was no where near as good *sad face* and I found the sauce too overpowering. When I decided to abandon my bun 2/3s of the way in to make space for the baby brodburger, the steak was much nicer on it’s own.

Tim loooooved the brodchicken and although he isn’t a big fan of cheese (particularly soft cheeses), he loved the creamy combination of the cheese, sauces and avocado. The chicken thickness was perfect and the bread was crispy and soft.

I was wondering how their breakfast menu would be considering they hadn’t been open for breakfast previously. Some items made me excited- roschti, sweet and savoury crepes and freshly baked scones! My friends were lucky enough to eat from the breakfast menu today!

Tomo and Sophie were previously munching on: Brodbreakfast burgerbacon, two eggs, roschti with your choice of cheese ($12.50)

They thoroughly enjoyed it which made me envious as I looked at the photos while eating a yoghurt at my desk.  Thanks Tomo and Sophie for the photos (p.s. your mug is heaps cute!).

Hate lining up? Well don’t bother, your annoyed mood will just tarnish the taste. If you have a bit of patience (I’m sure the timing of ordering etc will improve) or if your time it well, it is well worth it!

Venue: Brodburger- Flame grilled burgers

Address: 11 Wentworth Avenue  Kingston ACT 2604

Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday from 7am to 10pm

                                     Thursday to Saturday from 7am to midnight

                                      Sunday from 7am to 4pm.

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