Brunch time @ Rock Salt


It has been a while since I had last been to Rock Salt @ Hawker shops and it has undergone renovations to create a more casual dining setting which is reflected in the menu (with reasonable prices) and decor. With a constant quest searching for an awesome place for brunch in Canberra, I was excited to go to Rock Salt based on a friend’s recommendation.

freshly squeezed juice– I doubled checked that this wasn’t just being poured from a franchise bottle. The waitress assured me if they don’t the OJ fresh on site it comes from the local market freshly squeezed.

Omlette with crisp spec, oven dried tomato, Persian fetta and Spanish onion ($14.00) Delicious with a nice combination of flavours that really compliment each other and I really like how the bread was thick and fluffy.

Corn and shallot pancake with bacon, avocado and dill aoili ($15.00) with an extra side of hash browns (additional cost) All my favourite foods combined together to create a wonderful unique brunch dish.

Although the menu has the typical breakfast essentials- bircher muesli; eggs benedict and french toast, Rock Salt have also made room for innovative breakfast dishes including: lychee fruit salad with orange scented cream; pumpkin and ricotta filos with char grilled chorizo and tangy tomato salsa and corn and shallot pancake with bacon, avocado and dill aioli. The only bad part was I couldn’t decide what to order (I really wanted to order two things but knew I could only finish one).

The place is family friendly with a lot of people bringing their children and catching up with friends. I would love to come back and try more from their menu.

Venue: Rocksalt

Address: 4/78 Hawker Place, Hawker, Canberra ACT 2614

Phone: (02) 6254 7865


Opening hours:


Monday to Sunday, 7.30am to 11.30am
Monday to Sunday, 12 noon to 2.00pm
Tuesday to Saturday 2:30pm to 5.30pm
Tuesday to Saturday, from 6pm

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