Home is where my heart (and tummy) is


It’s hard to show off Canberra’s culinary finest when most restaurants over the Easter weekend were either shut or charging an exorbitant surcharge. I ended up taking my Mumsy and sister to Noble Palace– service was terrible and although the food was good, our experience was tarnished but the long (loooooooong) wait, Tudo– the food was below average (which is a shame considering I love this place) and D’browse– some of the dishes were disappointing but overall it was good.

But the best meals we had over the weekend was the delicious food we ate at home. Steamed scallops with ginger, steamed garlic prawns, marinated pork chops, mornay oysters and tamarind chicken wings. We also enjoyed delicious hot cross buns from the Flute bakery and awesome hot cross bun ice-cream from Mr. Frugii.

I stole these photos from my sister because I was too busy stuffing my face

Timmy made a delicious smooth vanilla bean panna cotta with a plum and cinnamon sauce made with the jam by Black Horse. So creamy and evenly flecked with vanilla bean seeds.

I hope you all had a safe and delicious Easter break!