Bean and grain


I’ve been walking past this shop front for ages now and then when I missed a few weeks of shopping at the Fyshwick markets, Bean & Grain finally opened. As soon as I heard, I grabbed a friend and we headed straight to the markets!

The first thing that caught my eye was the cabinet filled with tarts and pastries. My eyes lit up like a happy little girl. 

Oh yeah, there were bagels

and coffee too.

Chicken and curried leek pie ($6.00) I have a thing for curry pies and I’ve never had a curry pie containing chicken, also chicken and leek is a wonderful combination. All in all- an awesome pie! The guy sitting next to us was eating a giant sausage roll and beef bourguignon pie- I asked how his pie was and he said the meat felt dry and it wasn’t the best and when they left, there was still half the sausage roll on the plate. Maybe we were lucky with our pie choice.

Tomato bisque & sour dough grilled cheese sandwichSour dough bread lightly grilled with aged cheddar & gruyere cheese & out signature rich tomato bisque ($19.00) The soup was nice and creamy by itself but if you dip the grilled sandwich into the soup, the serving suggestion from the waiter, it’s magical!

Turkeysmoked turkey, maple chilli bacon, cheddar cheese, sprouts, avocado, tomato & cranberry mayo ($13.00) They ran out of the cranberry bagels by 1pm and there weren’t that many bagels left, so we went with an onion bagel. A great combination with crispy chili bacon, avocado with turkey and cranberry sauce. The Japanese inspired salad was good and a little a bit spicy.

Sweets to go– ’Bob the baker’s’ famous hot cross bun ($1.50 each), chocolate chilli tart ($4.60) and Portuguese tart ($4.00)

It might be a personal preference thing but I prefer more fruit in my hot cross bun so ‘Bob’s famous hot cross bun‘ didn’t cut it for me.

Chocolate chilli tart– a smooth delicious tart, I couldn’t taste the chilli directly but I could feel the slight warm burning sensation on my tongue and throat.

Portuguese tart– not very ‘custard-y’, very thick and heavy with an almost cheesecake texture.

The staff were really friendly and I do like the menu at Bean and Grain although it is limited. I’m keen to come back to try the breakfast menu with all the jams made in house and they have Belgium waffles. 

Venue: Bean and Grain

Address: 12 Dalby St, Fyshwick, ACT 2609

Phone: (02) 62959220

Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday (8:00am – 5:30pm)

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