Soju girl


I was taking two tough critics with me to Soju girl, a highly acclaimed Asian influenced restaurant located at the Melbourne building where I believe the chef was from Parlour room.

They have cute 1/2 sized bottles of wine!

Small plates~

I don’t know how much basil they go through but I guess it would be a lot because it seemed to be on everything.

Soft shell crab, som tom salad, citrus dressing ($18.00) this was really crispy (think potato crisp) and not overly oily but also not much flavour.

Chargrilled prawn, wonton, spicy foam ($18.00) I loved the salad, the flavours and textures really complimented each other. I thought the spicy foam was amazing and could have dipped everything in that.

Crispy pork hock, red date puree, black vinegar caramel ($16.00) I found the pork a little bit of a hit and miss, the first piece I ate was really crispy and so tasty but the subsequent pieces were more fatty and soft.


Large plates~

So there isn’t ‘entrees’ and ‘mains’ but rather ‘small plates’ and ‘large plates’ and they weren’t kidding about ‘large plates’! Between the three mains there wasn’t any room to put much else on the table. I’ve put my hand for scale reference and may I point out again  I don’t have huge man hands.   

** all dishes accompanied by rice**

Tataki cut sirloin 2 ways, ginger carrot puree, kinoko gari salad ($38.00) I couldn’t tell what was ‘2 ways’ about the sirloin but it was delicious. The ginger and carrot puree was so creamy and buttery and very addictive but I was not a fan of the salad- there was too much vinegar and the cauliflower was hard.

Coconut braised duck, yellow curry ($36.00) It was served in one big ass bowl! The duck was flavoursome if you ate it with the skin, but the flavours of the curry didn’t infuse into the meat and even though the duck was in the sauce, it still felt a bit dry.

Whole baby snapper, chilli jam, Thai herbs ($33.00) Not so ‘baby’- the curved back was really crispy and delicious, the other side was cooked but dry and because there was no sauce or texture, it was just plain fish. This is not for those who don’t like fish with lots of little bones.

This restaurant is obviously becoming very trendy being completely booked out and very noisy (I almost couldn’t hear my friends). It was a shame that my friends weren’t up for some dessert because the Asian influence made them sound really interesting, so I might come back next time for ‘small plates’ and try some dessert.

One of my friends has been back since and even though she was with a big table, the only booking they could get was seating near the bar which was fine by them and they racked up quite a bar tab.

I preferred the ‘small plates’ as I found them more adventurous and delicious but I must say that even though the food (depending on what you choose) was good it is very expensive for the serving size.

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