Banana leaf


After a ‘take advantage of late night shopping’ spree at the Canberra centre, my friend and I decided to take a short walk to Banana leaf and have dinner there. It is often busy and if you go later they usually run out of certain dishes, lucky for us when we got there they were able to seat us and nothing was sold out.


Beef pan rolls – mildly curried diced beef and potato rolled in a crepe, finely crumbed and lightly fried, served with a salad garnish and condiments ($15.90) Delicious with different combinations of textures between the beef, crepe and crumbed outer layer. The only bad part was that I thought the serving size was too small 


Sri Lankan style rice and currytraditional rice and curry from Sri Lanka is like being served a ‘buffet’ on a plate. Steamed rice with an assortment of a black and white curries, sambol, chutney and pappadam where colour, fragrance and taste come together in perfect harmony. Your choice of beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian curries ($26.90).

I chose beef which was tender but still had some fatty bits. I also enjoyed the vegetarian curry, although nothing really ‘wow’ed me on the plate. I would have preferred more beef pan rolls.

My friend chose chicken and I really liked her eggplant curry (small cup on the left). I wonder if I can just get that and rice next time…

The staff are friendly and attentive. I think the menu is interesting enough with string hoppers, Sri Lankan curries and rotti. I would like to come back and try more of the menu.

Venue: Banana leaf

Address: U2/ 240 -250 City Walk, Canberra City 2601 

Phone: (02) 6248 5522

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