Fish n chups


After ringing up six restaurants with all of them being booked out, I asked my stomach what it really felt like and it told me that I had a craving for a delicious cheese burger from Flatheads Cafe. So off we went, no reservation and no line up- a perfect no fuss dinner.

I know there are a lot of choices, but you can’t go past the humble BBQ sauce on a cheeseburger. 

The menu has a selection of hot drinks, burgers, meal deals, fried foods and sweets like fritters and banana splits but I already knew what I was going to order. 

A delicious cheeseburger– I’m not a fan of greens on my bun, so I just eat the lettuce and tomato first, leaving a soft bun with a delicious meat patty with melted cheese on top. The only bad thing is that the bun shape doesn’t match the patty so there will be some bites of just bread.

Fish and chips- not too oily and the chips are always have some crunch to it. I like how they give you lemon, salt and vinegar so you can add whatever you want.

With a side of tartare sauce.

Flatheads Cafe have friendly staff who bring out cutlery and water to the table (a nice touch to a simple take away store) and there isn’t much of a wait before your meal arrives. I really like the meat patty they have for the burgers, but sometimes I do just want to eat ‘fish n’ chups’, although their steak burgers are also good. 

Venue: Flatheads cafe

Address: Shop 6 Macpherson St, O’Connor 2602 ACT

Opening times: Monday 9am – 8:30pm, Tuesday closed, Wednesday – Friday 9am- 9pm, Saturday 10am – 9pm, Sunday 10am-8pm although they do state that opening and closing times may vary.

Entertainment book: yes, it’s a tear out voucher for ‘buy one get one free’ fish and chips.

Flatheads Cafe on Urbanspoon

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