Trapper’s Bakery re-run


I promised my friend pie, so even though my plan A of going to The Daily Pie Cafe failed, I was still going to get us some pies! I started heading towards Goulburn, in my mind it wasn’t that far away, but after what seemed forever, I finally saw the big merino in the distance.

Pies we chose~ clockwise

Curry – I do love a good curry pie, so I do take a risk trying it whenever I can at a bakery. I didn’t find it to have a strong curry flavour. Not bad but definitely not memorable.

Mushroom – subtle taste, if someone gave me this pie I would have thought it was a plain pie.

Pepper (chunky) – I cut this pie in half and I only had one chunk of steak in my half (my fried got several). While eating this pie, you can definitely feel the pepper and the one chunk of steak I had was very tender.

Cheese and bacon – A crowd favourite, so we had  to get this flavour. This pie was very delicious, I found the filling very thick and when I did my ‘Goodberry’s upside’ test, nothing moved.

Something a little sweet~

Even though we were pretty full, I couldn’t come here and not get a vanilla slice.

Carrot cake – the carrot cake was a little dry but it did have a lovely icing.

Vanilla slice – just as good as I remember it, tasty and not overly sweet custard complimented by it’s sweet icing. 

I’ve never seen such a cute size for Appletiser before! They have a huge selection of soft drinks, flavoured milks and water as well as juice. 

Clean bathrooms, high turn over customers and a nice place to rest. If you’re travelling through definitely plan your break here. 



I had been looking forward to travelling out to Collector to try some pies from The Daily Pie Cafe since I keep turning my head ‘exorcism style’ while trying to read the sign on the highway. Finally when I clear my schedule to head out there, I find the restaurant closed which made me really sad.  I drove down to the little information centre and they informed me that the owners decided to place their sole attention on their thriving steel business and just after Christmas decided to shut the cafe down. A girl still has to eat right? So with a craving for pies I headed to Trapper’s bakery in Goulburn.