Mini Winery tour- Lake George Winery


So I didn’t drive out for a mini day trip JUST for pies (even though that does sound like something I would do), I was on a mission. My mission if I chose to accept it- personally pick out stunning local wines for a few birthday that were coming up.

I thought I had been to Lake George Winery before but it turns out that I didn’t drive down far enough. During this beautiful sunny day, it showed off the incredible scenic views surrounding Lake George.

If I knew that there was a gorgeous restaurant here, I would have come here for lunch! The menu looked interesting but they are only opened for breakfast and lunch.

They also sell olive oils, jams and chutneys.

I ended up buying several bottles of a beautiful Shiraz (2008) $30.00.

Venue: Lake George Winery

Phone: (02) 4848 0182



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