Bon anniversaire


It was my good friend’s birthday and I was looking forward to surprising her with a pistachio cake¬†¬†from Croissant D’or but when I got there it wasn’t ready yet so I stared into the cake display to choose an alternative. So many delicious choices, what to choose? (click on the pictures for a closer look)

Tuesday is 2 for 1 croissant day! I didn’t find it particularly nice pastry and it was a bit flat but I’m not usually the biggest fan of croissants.

Chocolate fudge mousse cakeРThis was a really delicious cake, I love the different textures between the mousse, the sponge cake layer and the piped chocolate. Surprisingly not too stupidly sweet.  

There were talks of Croissant D’or up for sale late last year but I can’t tell if the owners did change. All I know is that their cakes are good and I would love to go back and try a pie some time.


Address: 33 City Walk, Canberra, ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6262 6850

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