Trivia night at the Green Herring restaurant


Onto another birthday! My friend had organised several trivia tables at the Green Herring restaurant, now I’ve never been of great assistance at trivia and claim to be purely decorative and only there for the food. I fear in this case it was not going to be any different, except this time the food will be better than your usual schnitty at the club.

I’ve never made it into the Green Herring restaurant but I always wondered what it looked like inside. A warm cosy interior with tables made of up 4 – 8 places for trivia.

All ready with my pen and fork for dinner and trivia!

You get to choose your entree, main and dessert. Hmmm what to choose…

The place is filling up, it must be nearly time to start.

Initial drinks aren’t included but it was too cold not to get a Tea Drop Chai tea.


Herb and garlic bread – Ok I know it’s just bread, but this was soooooooooo delicious! A great start and setting the bar high for the night.


Soup of the day- bacon, potato and leek soup. Not the most delicious soup in the world but definitely warming and it was the perfect weather for soup.

Seared prawns served with a fresh fennel risotto finished with a lime creme friache – a good mix of different flavours.

Fettuccine tossed through hazelnut sauce topped with crumbled Persian fetta finished by a roast hazelnut crumble- a great unexpected combination of hazelnuts and fetta, I really enjoyed this entree.


Atlantic salmon served above a potato and chive gateau blanched asparagus; drizzled with a lemon infused hollandaise sauce

Pork cutlet served atop apple and pear risotto finished with a cider jus – the chargrill cooking style lent itself to being the only flavour of the pork, the cider jus was subtle but the flavour didn’t infuse into the meat.

Kiev cut chicken breast placed above creamy potato mash napped with an orange and tarragon glaze

Seasonal vegetables – some of us attempted to eat some vegetables out of guilt but we didn’t finish the plate.


Pear and cinnamon panna cotta served with a citrus creme friache and pear crisps- this wasn’t fabulous, it had more of a mousse texture rather than a creamy panna cotta but I really liked the pear crisp. 

Mango cheesecake and cointreau syrup served with orange and date ice cream and a tuile crisp

Lime tart served with vanilla double cream and toasted meringue- the tart was nice, the subtle taste of lime went well with the meringue.

It was my friend     Tomato’s     ‘7th’ birthday and he got a special dessert.

Not that we weren’t full enough, we each got sent home with a box of house made chocolates, a sweet way to end a fun night.

There were a lot of elements that sounded really delicious on paper but it wasn’t completely executed really well, but if you didn’t read the menu in great detail, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

The staff were really attentive regardless that the restaurant was completely packed out. I really liked the timing of the whole event, you were either eating or having fun in trivia. All in all, a great night out!

Venue: The Green Herring Restaurant

Address: Ginninderra Village, 11 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls, ACT 2913

Phone: (02) 6230 2657


Trivia: Last Wednesday of every month? Bookings essential, $55.00 per person.

Entertainment card: Yes, main course for another mean during non-trivia nights.

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