Bakery Bonanza! Hughes


Okay, it might have been a bit excessive to go to a third bakery in one morning, but we couldn’t have a bakery bonanza and not come to 210 degrees patisserie and bakery, plus it was close to lunch time and I wanted a pie!

Different cake selection on different days it seems. Good to mix things up a bit though!

Cheese and bacon pie – This was a MUST for me (after all I am a savoury kinda gal) but I was sad that there weren’t any Italian sausage rolls that day. Tim sure did eat a lot of my pie for a guy that didn’t want one! 

Curried sausage pie – I ate this later at home and I chose it because I thought it sounded like an interesting filling. I was hoping more for a ‘sauce’ as it was a bit dry and felt like it was sausages and vegetables wrapped in pastry.

Raspberry tart – I was excited to try their pastries after they posted photos of them being made on their FB page. I found the filling of this one a bit too tart for my liking.

Creme brulee tart – Lucky for me I ended on the creme brulee tart. The top was not as ‘crispy’ as before, but still delicious.

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