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The Kennedy Room – bar and dining


I don’t have the most fun when it comes to hens nights with always being the designated driver and seeing everything through ‘sober eyes’, but when I heard that this particular hens night was just a simple dinner at the Kennedy Room and drinks afterwards, I was rather excited to go.

It seemed easy enough, no crazy ‘to achieve’ list or hideous veil for the bride-to-be, just delicious food and one ‘no fuss $40 set menu’ to include bubbles and dinner. Apparently not so easy to book for my friend who was organising the dinner, the guy who took the booking was meticulous on the rules of no phallic objects in the restaurant, the terms and conditions for 10+ people bookings, the deposit and blah blah blah,  my friend just said that she would ring back later. The next day when she rang, she was greeted by a more casual friendly tone (and another person) to just come in and pay the deposit soon.

I have never been to the Kennedy Room but I instantly got a vibe that this was a trendy location with a pretentious feel about it, which might have been justified if there wasn’t a bucket in the middle of the room to catch the roof leaks.

Not knowing what was going to come out, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and the sensible portions of food.


Mixed dips with ciabatta House made Italian bread 

Zucchini balls with harissa yoghurt – These had a bit of a chilli bite to them which I really liked, possibly the nicest zucchini balls I’ve ever eaten. 

Caramelised roast pork belly with chilli & coconut vinegar – This was so delicious, which I was really happy about- nothing worse than ruining a delicious piece of pork belly. The only bad thing was that we only got one piece each. 

Fried calamari spiced with sumac & black pepper – Slightly oily but really really good.


Tropical leg ham, pineapple & mozzarella – Ok I know it’s just pizza, but there was something really delicious about it that I can’t put my finger on, but it may have been the best tropical pizza I have ever eaten (and I have eaten a fair few).

Amritsar tandoori chicken, cucumber & yoghurt – also delicious with generous portions of the ingredients.


Mixed green salad and chips.

Regardless of the ridiculous terms and conditions for tables of 10 or more, I am very keen to try the food from the a la carte menu. Despite being very busy, this did not affect the quality of food, everything that we ate that night was really good. I wouldn’t stay too late though, the volume of the music seems to be proportional to the time.

Venue: The Kennedy Room bar and dining

Address: 25 Kennedy St, Kingston, ACT 

Phone:(02) 61622318


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