3 states in 3 days- Melbourne: The Meat and Wine Co.


Just a hop, skip and a short walk away from the Convention centre, the Meat & Wine Co. was an easy choice for lunch. The restaurant was really busy and as ‘walk ins I wasn’t that hopeful that we would get seated at 1pm but we were luckily enough to get a table.

Watching the world go by while waiting for our lunch.

Serving cutlery that could almost hunt for your own steak with.

Replenishing liquid levels after drooling over half the items on the menu, what to choose?

Chicken burger – grilled marinated chicken breast served on a warm bun with baby cos lettuce, tomatoes, Spanish onion, pink sauce and BBQ sauce. Served wtih super crunchy chips ($23.00) Tim said it was a nice burger but it’s not the best one he has ever had, he did really like the chips though.

Wagyu beef burger – Hand pressed 225g Wagyu beef burger patty, grilled, basted and served on a warm bun with baby cos lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, gherkins, pink sauce and BBQ sauce. Served with super crunch chips ($23.00) 

My eyes widen as the waitress lowered a massive board in front of me which eclipsed over my face. Whoa, that is one big burger! The downside: (1). I had a high expectations of the ‘Wagyu beef burger patty’ and it wasn’t ‘all that’ but still nice (2). I didn’t give my gherkin a chance (see bottom right) (3). The bread was a bit filling so I had to abandon the top. The upside: (1). They were true to their word, the chips were super crunchy! (2). Awesome onion rings, I can see why they are a big hit in the US (3). I don’t know what was in the ‘pink sauce’ but it went really well with the onion rings and burger. (4). I was very full, nothing worse than being hungry after eating lunch. Overall I really like the burger and although $23.00 seems really steep for a burger, it does really fill you *burp*.

It was really noisy during service from all the hustle and bustle of the crowd but there isn’t much to say at the table when you’re all munching away on a burger. 

Venue: The Meat and Wine Co.

Address: Southbank, Freshwater Pl 3 Queensbridge St, Southbank, VIC 3006

Phone: (03) 9696 5333

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