I read about this place and I wanted to go but we were too full. Next time!


3 states in 3 days- Melbourne: Monarch Cakes


With so many choices on Acland street, I had to do my homework first, after all I couldn’t go to every bakery . Monarch cakes has stood the testament of time having been around since 1934 and not only that, they have some pretty interesting cakes that you don’t usually get at your local bakery.

I was excited to try their famous ‘chocolate kooglhoupf’ and the Polish cheesecake. The hard part is that we had only had a limited time in Melbourne so if I wanted to try these baked goods it had to be straight after lunch which isn’t ideal after those burgers.

I love the simple interior with an old school scale and cash register.

I was only going to get the chocolate kooglhoupf and the cheesecake but the French vanilla slice in the window did catch my eye.

French Vanilla slice– light fluffy, thick and subtle vanilla but a very nice texture.

Chocolate kooglhoupf– One of the most delightfully addictive cakes you will ever try. It is made from yeast pastry and has soft melted chocolate swirled through the cake. It looks like a marble cake, but instead of cocoa through the cake, we use real chocolate! It has been featured in numerous articles and programs and is sent to people be mail order all over Australia! For those who are not chocolate lovers, try the poppy seed variety.

This is cake that I can’t pronounce is apparently the reason why everyone comes here. It is marbled with soft molten-y chocolate and is pretty rich.

100 year old Polish baked cheesecake– Our Polish Baked Cheesecake is made to a 100 year old recipe, using the finest and freshest ingredients. It is made with Gippsland cottage cheese which is smooth and creamy. It is fully baked and for many this is a taste of home. Our European clientele believe it is the way cheese cake is supposed to taste!

This was a really good cheesecake which felt ‘light’ (a good thing considering we weren’t that hungry) and had a lemon-y taste.

Venue: Monarch Cakes 

Address: 103 Acland Street, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182

Phone: (03) 9534 2972


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