3 states in 3 days- Melbourne: The Waiting Room


You can imagine I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry for dinner that night but I didn’t want to skip a meal considering we only had one night in Melbourne. By the time I started looking for a restaurant to eat at most of them were already closing for the night. Lucky for me the Waiting Room serving tapas at the Crown lobby was opened til late.

The lights inside are pretty dim in here so please excuse my photos. 

Chilli sauces from Mexico, I wasn’t going to add any to my food but little did I know one of my dishes already had some in it.

Gin (Hendricks) and tonic

Pineapple, orange and ginger juice ($6.00) I always order this combination and this was one expensive juice but this was THE BEST juice I have ever had.

Classic hot dog with ketchup and mustard ($10.00) Just a hot dog nothing special

Pulled pork shoulder with green salsa taco ($7.00) An example of why you shouldn’t read just the first half of the dish. This taco was HAAAAAAAAAAAAWT!  Nice but too hot for me 

Ham and cheese croquettes ($7.00) OMG! I would come back again and JUST order these- so good! 

I love the ambiance inside the Waiting Room, intimate surroundings with mood lighting and really attentive staff (and good drinks!) I would definitely come here again.

Venue: The Waiting Room

Phone: (03) 8679 1800

Address: The Lobby, Crown Towers, Southbank Vic 3006


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