3 states in 3 days- Sydney: Super bowl


Every now and then I meet people who love Asian food so much, I think they are more Asian than me. This place came highly recommended by a friend who told me about it during an excited conversation about our love of fried bread sticks.

At 9:30 in the morning the only restaurant opened in Chinatown is the Superbowl Chinese restaurant. It is a very casual setting with lots of regulars who come in and order before even sitting down. 

I ordered the meals rather than asking for a whole bowls of congee to get some variety. When you do order just congee, they give you one massive whopping bowl enough to share between a family!

Meal ‘B’ Preserved egg and pork congee, steamed rice noodles, deep fried bread stick ($7.00) The egg and pork congee was soooooo good! We’re not a fan of the preserved egg but we just scooped it out. I had to remind them to bring the fried bread stick and I’m glad I did because I looooooooove me some yau ja gwai!

Preserved egg and pork congee

Rice noodles with hoisin and peanut sauce

Chinese fried bread sticks

Meal ‘D’ Minced beef congee, steamed rice noodles, fried noodles, chiu chow dumpling ($7.80) I ordered minced beef congee as a ‘safe option’ just in case Timmy didn’t like the preserved egg and pork congee. This was no where near as flavoursome, it tasted like plain congee with minced beef added in later and was rather quite bland but nothing some pepper and soy sauce couldn’t fix. I really enjoyed both types of noodles especially the hoisin/peanut sauce. I didn’t know what a ‘chiu chow’ dumpling was and I didn’t really like the filling.

Fried noodles

Chiu chow dumpling

People might find all the yelling a bit off putting but it’s an Asian thing and I didn’t really notice it. Plus side: this is a great place to get cheap delicious food, the serves are generous and the food comes fast. The down side: everything came in dribs and drabs, they almost forgot my bread sticks and I can’t tell but some people tell me they add lots of MSG in their food.

Venue: Superbowl Chinese restaurant

Address: 41 Dixon St, Haymarket, Sydney 2000

Opening hours: 8am – 2am daily

Super Bowl on Urbanspoon

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