3 states in 3 days- Sydney: Cafe Court @ the Star


It was just coincidental that we ended up at another food court later that day. I wanted to check out the new revamped ‘The Star’ after I saw all the flags on the street during the International Crave food festival. We tried to get into MomoFuku but it was hard enough to find the door and when we finally did, it turns out that they were completely booked for two weeks straight.

Would you have noticed a restaurant behind this wall?

We divided and conquered the food court coming back with different things.

Din Tai Fung~

Shrimp and pork Shao Mai ($10.80) Delicious hot dumplings, I like how they still serve it in a steamer even though it’s a food court.

Cha Jiang Noodle with minced pork ($13.80) Really nice noodles with a flavoursome topping.

Dergah Grill~

Chicken kebab ($9.50) This seemed to have a relatively short line which was a plus. The kebab was hot and tasty but nothing special.


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