Tuesday night is burger night @ the Calwell club!

That’s right! Not only are Tuesdays just reserved for ‘tight arse movie night’, it shall now also be remembered for the delicious gourmet burgers available at the Calwell Club.

I don’t really recall what was on my burger, they had me at ‘wagyu beef patty‘ and ‘home-made tomato relish’. I happily gave away my pickle ‘hat’ to someone more appreciative of it.

For those who have watched me eat a hamburger, I always eat most, if not all of the salad from it first, leaving a delicious meat patty covered in cheese. Even though this burger was very tall, I ate the whole thing without deconstructing the layers (except for the pickle). It was sooooo tasty! The meat, the cheese, the fresh salad down to the roll that it came on was all fabulous.

Due to sheer excitement (and I didn’t think I was going to blog this dinner) I didn’t take note of the price but all three burgers were <$15.00.

For those who can unhinge their jaw a little more than others, they can attempt to eat the Hawaiian burger with egg, pineapple and bacon. Also two thumbs up from another patron.

The third burger choice was a gourmet chicken burger, but I’m not one for chicken on my burger unless it’s a schnitzel, so I didn’t really take note of what was on it. 

With several large tables, I thought it would be a really long wait for the food but the garlic bread arrived at the table before I did (I was too busy asking everyone what they were ordering). The service was very prompt and food came out in a timely manner during a ‘rush hour’ of people. Those who didn’t order from the gourmet burger menu also enjoyed their food (their steaks looked really good). The restaurant has a family friendly atmosphere with friendly service. I also like how they have several condiments (mustards and sauces etc) available for everyone.


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