3 states in 3 days- Sydney: Movenpick


After lunch @ The Meat & Wine Co. we wanted to indulge in something sweet before heading back to Canberra. We wandered across to Mövenpick situated conveniently right under a monorail stop.

White chocolate ice-cream– a must every time because it’s Tim’s favourite flavour

panna cotta ice-cream – It was ok, I haven’t found my favourite flavour here yet, maple syrup and walnut is up there though.

I’ve been spoilt for flavours and beautiful ice-cream from Mr Frugii from right here in Canberra, so I’m less impressed with Mövenpick now, but I do love their opening hours and perfect location.

Venue: Darling Harbour Mövenpick Boutique

Address: 10 Darling Drive  Shop K17, NSW 2000 Darling Harbour

Opening hours all season: 11.00am – 11.00pm 

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3 states in 3 days- Sydney: The Meat & Wine Co.


We weren’t out to try and eat at all ‘The Meat & Wine Co‘ chains in the country, in fact we had actually booked for lunch in Sydney before we ate at the Meat & Wine Co in Melbourne. I didn’t really mind as we had burgers in Melbourne and today we were here to eat some steak and ribs!

Prime real estate being situated in Darling Harbour next to the IMAX theatre.

View from our seats during a cloudy ‘best eating weather’ day.

Monte dry-agedRump Cap grain fed (350g) Using a time-old traditional aging method, our well marbled Monte Beef choice cuts are aged for approximately 4 weeks in a special temperature controlled environment. The end result is a more tender texture and a sweet nature full flavour $34.00


Creamy garlic sauce ($3.00)

I really enjoyed the steak, albeit it wasn’t the best steak I’ve ever eaten and there was a little part of the steak that was burnt. I did read that other reviewers were annoyed that the waiter would ask them what sauce they wanted with their steak making it sound like it came with it and was angry to find out later they were $3+ each, but I really wanted the creamy garlic sauce and it was sooo worth it!

Pork ribs half rack slow cooked in BBQ sauce and finished on a flaming hot char-grill, sealing in our unique taste and flavour and served with super crunchy chips ($37.00) I love the set up, a nice bowl with lemon for cleaning your hands with and another to dispose all of the bones. They were good ribs and the chips were really nice too.

A lovely place to eat with attentive staff and an extensive wine list and it must be good as everyone around us was drinking.

We were trying to have a small lunch in hopes that we would be able to squeeze in a bowl of ramen but by the time we ate our steak and 1/2 rack of ribs, we only had room for a little bit of ice-cream…

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