My friend and I went back to ANU where we both had met, we had never eaten at Boffins restaurant before but now that we are both no longer there, we made time to meet up where it all started. I thought parking would be a little easier at the uni being after hours but we were lucky to get a spot after a few slow drive bys in the area.

Complimentary warm sour dough loaf (made in house) with deeeeeelicious butter and oil and balsamic vinegar 


Soup of the day mushroom and chive soup– it first tastes is like a curry with an after taste of mushroom and pepper, I liked it.

Rosemary gremolata encrusted lamb loin with roasted beetroot, carrot puree and a light pan jus ($16.50) it was a small serving but the puree was really good and went well with the lamb.


Pan seared chicken breast infused with lemongrass and lime set atop a bed of jasmine rice finished with a creamy coconut sauce ($29.00) Surprisingly good considering I don’t usually order chicken and the sauce tasted like a thai greey curry because of the lemon grass and lime.

Oven roasted pork fillet accompanied by a warm salad of sun-dried tomatoes, dried apricots, green olives and roast sweet potato with a porcini mushroom glaze ($31.00) The pork was ok, it tasted sweet but I found the sauce was overwhelming the taste of pork. The odd combination of olives, apricot and sweet potato went really well together.


Traditional tiramisu with a Boffins twistdark chocolate mud cake soaked in an espresso Kahlua syrup, layered with a vanilla double cream and bitter chocolate ganache topped with sugar roasted macadamia nuts ($14.50) This tasted like a chocolate mousse with the texture of a chocolate ripple cake with cream. I really enjoyed the macadamia nuts, fresh raspberries and blueberries on top and the whole dessert had lots of different textures.

House-made panna cotta with a hint of honey accompanied by a crisp glass pastry shard finished with a rose water and cardamom glaze ($14.50) I loved the subtle honey taste! I found this dessert a bit ‘solid’ for a panna cotta and even though you could feel and see the slight imperfection on the outside, the inside was really smooth and creamy.

Coffee and a petit four– the coffee was ok and the petit four tasted like a like a nut cluster.

Even though I was that annoying customer being indecisive etc, the service was friendly throughout the whole dinner service. The food is nice but not as good as what they think and are charging for the high prices.

Venue: Boffins

Address: University House, 1 Balmain Cres, Acton ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6125 5285

Entertainment card: Yes, makes a difference!

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