Locanda re-run


I had been to Locanda Italian Steakhouse before and after talking to several people who really enjoyed their experience, they all had one thing in common- they ordered pasta! How was I supposed to know, it is called a steakhouse after all. So I took some keen pasta eating friends and we went off to Locanda Steakhouse for lunch.


Spaghetti seafood “allo scoglio” ($25.00) Perfect al dente pasta with lots of seafood in a rich tomato based sauce.

Tortelloni house made ricotta & spinach filled ($25.00) I couldn’t really decide so the waiter made a suggestion that I ordered the tortelloni. It was a very nice buttery sauce and a good home made pasta but I couldn’t really taste the sage.

Gnocchi house made: King Prawns, Fresh tomato, chilli and chopped king prawns ($26.00) The pasta sauce had a nice infusion of chilli and there was a decent serve of king prawns. 


Steakhouse fries ($8.00) They came out hot and crispy, not much more you could ask for in fries.

Grilled asparagus ($8.00) This was really nice, grilled perfectly with just the right amount of butter.

Limoncello They kindly offered us a shot of limoncello as we waited for our dessert. The waiter was telling us that Italians drink this to help digestion. I don’t usually drink but I thought I’d had a little sip since he so kindly offered. It was STRONG and it cleared my nose even though I didn’t think that there was anything to clear in the first place! It had a subtle lemon flavour followed by an overwhelming aniseed aftertaste.   


The waiter was a very smooth talker and he convinced me to get dessert, although I didn’t need too much convincing when I had fallen in love with their tiramisu previously.

His top dessert choices were: 1) chocolate pudding 2) tiramisu 3) panna cotta

I told him how much I loved the tiramisu but he still insisted I tried the chocolate pudding. He said if I didn’t like the cake more, he would pay for my dessert.

Chocolate pudding (20 minute wait) essentially a rich delicate chocolate molten lava cake with every aspect of the plate being really delicious from the custard to the coulis. Very enjoyable for chocolate lovers but I still preferred the tiramisu.

It seemed like a long wait but we received our meals and finished our meals within an hour. I thought the pasta was a lot better than the steak but I am still keen to come back to try their whole suckling pig or pork belly.