The Pies have it

I had bought some frozen pies from Gum Tree Pies and I remember the first time I walked through my door smelling amazing scent of delicious pastry, I have fallen in love with their pies ever since.

Great packaging with cooking instructions and clear descriptions of each pie flavour.

Long lines must mean the secret of yummy pies is out! 

Steak & Red wine– I get really disappointed when bakeries claim to have ‘chunky steak’ but there is nothing but minced meat or just a few bits of chewy steak wrapped in pastry. These pies are nothing like that, you lift up the pastry lid to find tender chunks of braised beef in rich sauces.

Steak & Pepper– a nice amount of cracked black pepper with tender chunky steak.

Curry Steak– I’ve yet to try this but it is sitting in my freezer waiting to be devoured.

Steak & Mushroom–  rich brown sauce with mushrooms and tender chunky steak.

Steak & Bacon– the perfect combination, I wish they added cheese to this though.

Mince steak– I’ve yet to try this but it is sitting in my freezer waiting to be devoured

Chicken & Vegetable– a creamy combination of vegetables and a chicken mornay sauce

Chicken & Mushroom–  a creamy combination of mushroom and a chicken mornay sauce

Lamb & Mint jelly– you can taste the tender lamb chunks with a subtle mint taste

Creamy Cauliflower– I didn’t think I would like this but surprisingly this turned out to be one of my favourite pies. Think creamy cauliflower mornay wrapped in tasty pastry. 

Panang Curry pumpkin– I was hesitant to try this as I thought it was an odd combination but when I took my first bite, I was amazed! A rich curry sauce with soft pieces of pumpkin.

You can find the Gum tree pies crew at the Epic Farmers market on Saturday mornings but definitely go early to avoid disappointment.