Restaurant 2602


After my friend and I had eaten a seafood platter at Maestral in Weston we had planned our next seafood platter adventure at Restaurant 2602.

Complimentary pumpkin and ginger soup– slight heat from the ginger, it was a lovely touch.

Prepped with a waste bowl and water bowl, we were ready to go!

Seafood platter for two ($75.00)

A breakdown of each dish.       

Prawn bruschetta– the prawns tasted watery and I probably would have preferred it with no prawns.

Thai style fish cakes- the nicest thing on the plate.

Kilpatrick oysters- they were ok but I would have preferred it to be cooked a little longer.

Crispy calamari- It was good that it was not overly oily.

Next platter:

Beer battered flat head and chips

Lobster tails with king prawns in a seeded mustard cream sauce over jasmine rice- this was really disappointing, once your scraped away the overpowering creamy sauce, you were left with stringy and what felt like undercooked lobster.

Atlantic salmon with smashed potatoes and macadamias-
the potatoes were bland but the salmon was ok. I thought the addition of macadamias was a little odd.

Sliced fresh fruit- Everything was nice and fresh except for the passion fruit, two halves looked like it was mixed in with canned passion fruit pulp.

The variety was much better at Restaurant 2602 in terms of the seafood platter but majority of dishes were disappointing. The staff were nice and attentive but I was a bit annoyed with the bill because I didn’t realise they confused my 2011/2012 entertainment card for the new 2012/2013 offer and they gave me less of a discount than I was entitled to. 

Venue: Restaurant 2602

Address: Unit 2/15 Edgar Street Ainslie ACT 2602

Phone: (02) 6247 4437

Entertainment card: Yes, but I was annoyed that they confused my 2011/2012 card offer with the 2012/2013 offer and gave me less of a discount.

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