A meal fit for a Queen


At first I thought any meal with meat was delicious, then I expanded that to anything with meat or cheese but after eating at the Au Lac Royal Vegetarian Restaurant I was taught that anything that is delicious is delicious.

Some people say that they don’t like this restaurant but they are just ordering the wrong things.  It’s great that even though they have had a refurbishment, the food has not changed, it is just as tasty as it has always been.  

Mmmmm Let’s eat!

Royal Noodle soup (spicy) $12.50 The perfect ‘cold weather’ meal, eat the tofu quickly before it looses it’s crispy texture. This is one of my favourite dishes and I always get cravings.

Herbs, bean spouts, chilli and lemon condiments, but for me, the soup is perfect just the way it is.

Large combination fried rice ($8.90)

Chef’s special- Eggplant in claypot sensation ($15.90) Delicious sizzling eggplant and mushrooms bubbling away in a claypot. Watch out, it retains its heat for a long time and I often burn my tongue. 

Lemon grass soy chicken (spicy) minced lemongrass and chilli caramelized with soy chicken drizzled over with exclusive sauce and served with onions and capsicum ($15.90) I don’t find this dish particularly spicy and trust me my chilli tolerance for an Asian is low. You definitely have to try this dish.

They have very friendly wait staff serving hot delicious food from the fast and efficient kitchen and with convenient opening hours, it makes for a perfect meal every time.

Another good recommendation is the Soy Shrimp on Toast for an entree. Mmmm I just had this yesterday.

Venue: Au Lac Royal Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: Shop 4/ 39 Woolley Street, Dickson, ACT 2602

Phone: (02) 6262 8922


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