Adriano Zumbo


Not long after leaving Pancakes on the Rocks

Of course if we were going to be so close to Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier I figure we may as well go and take a visit, even if they only just opened for the day.  

So many choices, hmmm what to get?

The had me at dulce de leche

Dulce de leche eclairsable a choux, ducle de leche creme pastisserie caramel and caramel glaze ($9.00) Just imagine a beautiful flowing caramel inside a pastry with more caramel on top. Amazing for the taste buds and different textures to delight the senses. A bite at first seems to too much and too sweet with all the different textured caramels but when all that subsides, all you want is another bite. 

And of course we couldn’t leave without getting some Zumbarons~

baby powder, banana,  blackened vanillapassionfruit and tonka beansalted buttered popcorn and salted butter caramel.

Oh so good, the only thing I was disappointed with was ‘baby powder’ tasted like musk, boo for me but that meant extra for Timmy.

Forever delighting the senses and breaking the rules of what can be a macaron flavour, Zumbo continues to amaze me and has a good rotation of flavours so there is always something to new try. At the moment they have flavours such as peach ice tea, chocolate doughnut, pancake & maple syrup and custard crunch, which I would love to try.

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